Manufacturing Smart Ideas

Smart Factory KC is pioneering new ways for clients to manage complex IT projects.

Full-stack Consulting

Full-stack consulting echoes what a full-stack developer describes; someone that has specialized knowledge in all stages of software development, is fluent in server, network and hosting environments, is an expert in relational and non-relational databases, knows how to tie the back and the front by APIs, sockets and services, can develop user interfaces and customize user experience, provides their own QA, adheres to security guidelines and has a thorough understanding of the business needs. While that unicorn may exist in a few corporate communities it is almost impossible to find that broad of expertise in a single consultant. At B2i we provide full-stack consulting by using outsourced teams managed by a senior technologist. Our clients are never asked to interact with those outsourced specialists, instead we deliver the highest quality results with the lowest commitment of time away from your daily responsibilities.

Strategic Planning

Unifying a team of any size in-flight is an incredibly taxing endeavor. Focusing energy and resources to ensure that the team is working towards a common goal is a disciplined effort that produces fundamental decisions and actions that shape the organization. B2i Ventures supports our clients beginning with the development of a strategic plan to declare goals, define outcomes, illuminate steps to success and make the organization aware of the risks ahead. Our team provides front-end analysis and business planning services for vendor selection. In addition we can deploy RFP strike teams to create or respond to complex IT proposals. Our planning teams are certified instructional-designers and technical writers with years of IT business management experience.


The number one reason new systems fail is a lack of adoption by employees. The number two reason; not all employees are equally equipped to learn new systems. Often times the old way seems better than the new method. This happens to companies of all sizes. The B2i Ventures team is uniquely qualified to shepard the conversion of the knowledge gained during the project life cycle into customized training. Using the B2i Ventures trademarked Rapid Learning System™ we are able to quickly survey the organization and deliver just-in-time training in the way that is personalized to the individual employees style of learning. Using a proprietary method of gamification, predictive intelligence, analytics and communications our training spans the reach of the organization using shared knowledge, in-house subject matter experts, train-the-trainer scenarios , e-learning and instructor led training. When identified during the planning stage, training can be targeted during the full-stack consulting phase - dramatically reducing the time to create effective training.

Working with our Team

The B2i Ventures Virtual Consulting network includes almost 150 international consultants. Each of them an expert in their field, dedicated to providing best in class service. We offer a significant cost reduction to our clients by using a blended rate methodology where you are only billed for the services used. By comparison, traditional firms in our industry pass along the costs maintaining a ‘bench’ of consultants to their clients. With our proprietary method, we can assemble highly qualified strike teams to start a project with as little as a weeks’ notice. We save our clients hundreds of hours effort, reducing costs and complexity while maintaining the highest quality and timeliness.

Innovative Methods

To further assist our clients we've created proprietary methodologies that are unique to the types of problems we resolve. Contact us to learn more and see examples of our success.

What is Virtual Consulting?